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HPE Enterprise Services and CSC are now DXC Technology, the leading independent, end-to-end IT services company. New but not born yesterday. Thrive on change – for more details please visit our internet page https://www.dxc.technology/

In the frame of this change we will move our 21st Century IT Blog to our corporate DXC Technology blog at blogs.dxc.technology. Please expect more specialist insights and an even broader variety of topics!

Thank you for your loyalty and stay tuned when we continue to share our insights with you!

It’s time to change how to think about change.

Because it’s the only way your business will truly transform. Exponential change brings exponential opportunity—if only you can harness the power of technology.

No one has guided more businesses through change than DXC Technology.

Our independence is everything. It gives us the freedom to bring together technology partners from the leading edges of innovation, and pull the best ideas and solutions from anywhere.

We deploy global talent and expertise with the same agility. Then, with the right people, technology and solutions in place, we focus the way forward.

Our teams become yours, caring as much as you do about advancing your business in times of change. Driven to push your organization, without breaking what works. Diminishing risk and delivering positive results, enabling you to take command of your future.

In a time of change, thrive with DXC Technology.  

Doris Mauer

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