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Next-generation technologies such as cloud, mobility, cybersecurity, open standards and collaboration platforms are changing information and communication technologies and thus our business processes drastically.

In a world where we see organizations as open platforms, strategic decision makers and consultants must ask themselves: When do I use which cloud technologies? How can I strategically utilize openness to facilitate completely new forms of creating value? How can I organize and manage collaborative communities? How can I secure integrity of my processes? Do I have to care for all processes in the same way? And how can I differentiate between important and less important ones? How can I defend myself against new threats and attacks? How can I increase efficiency of my organization through mobile devices without neglecting security? How can I aggregate and analyze structured and unstructured data of today in order to make strategic decisions for tomorrow?

We want to address these and similar questions in the CSC blog 21st Century IT. Our goal is to start an open discussion about the big challenges of our time. Please join our discussion!

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