The New Ways of Working – Working Beyond Borders

With Generation Y a new generation of young well-educated people urges in the world of Employment, which has a high affinity for technology and modern means of communication. Grown up in the era of internet and smartphones, the competition between employers for the “Best” of this generation flares up in the „war for talent“. But in return they make high demands on their working world – in terms of content but in particular also on the infrastructural and technical design of „their“ world of work. This…

When Speed to Market Doesn’t Seem to be Enough for Insurers and their Products

In today’s world we have some clear indicators that power has shifted from companies to consumers and consumers’ expectations are increasing exponentially due to their experiences with other services, primarily services driven by technology. This is a world of immediate information and gratification where outside industries are raising the bar for traditional companies that operate in more traditional business areas like insurers.

The Internet Has Been A Huge Privacy Plus, Thus Far

Cameras are everywhere. Someone wearing Google Glasses might be videoing you at any time. Facebook has conducted secret psychological tests on its users. Today’s internet giants are developing multi-dimensional virtual profiles for all of us – tracking where we have been, what we do, who we know, and more. Paparazzi drones, anyone?

Enterprise Architecture’s New Clothes

Co-Authors: Danny Weinberger, Andrew Doble Digital as a trend is continuing its inexorable march into the enterprise, a fact that hat has not escaped the attention of many CIOs. According to the latest CSC CIO survey a large proportion of CIOs is investing in new technologies to drive business innovation forward in their organizations.

“Industry 4.0 will make the world a better place.”

  Interview with Ralf Schulze, Industry Strategist for Industrial and Chemical Manufacturing, CSC

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