„Online- und Mobil-Angebote können den Menschen Zeit schenken.“

Interview mit Lena-Sophie Müller, Geschäftsführerin Initiative D21

Smartphone Insurance Apps – How Can We Make Them Smarter?

According to a recent representative survey by CSC among 1,000 insurance customers in Germany, close to 50% of consumers would appreciate to be able to submit insurance claims via their smartphones. The results are perfectly in line with a number of similar studies from a variety of research institutes. Why am I not surprised? If you present people with a promise to make their lives easier – who would say, No, thank you, Mister? Much more flabbergasted was I to learn that only “two thirds…

Smart Home – Still Secure Home?

With the upcoming Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 the Smart Home/Smart Office or more generally the Smart Building is becoming more and more important. Smart Buildings use technology from the traditional home and building control and connect it to the internet. Commercials from the television promise to control the complete home from the smartphone or tablet but never say a word about IT security. When vendors talk about security they mean securing your home with alarm systems but forget to say that all this…

Smart Car – The Car of the Future

The majority of German motorists want next-generation information technology in cars to be easier to learn and use, and safer to operate while driving. This reveals a research report from CSC entitled “Smart Car – The Car of the Future”.

Das User-Interface der Zukunft

Die heterogene Landschaft mobiler Plattformen und Geräte – und die daraus resultierende Vielzahl verschiedener User Interfaces – zählt zu den aktuell größten Herausforderungen im Bereich mobiler Unternehmenslösungen. Für den Erfolg einer App bei Kunden oder Mitarbeitern ist zum Großteil die sogenannte Plattform-agnostische Umsetzung entscheidend. Es geht darum, das native, eigene Empfinden des jeweiligen Gerätes möglichst treu zu adaptieren, um die Bedienung der App so intuitiv wie möglich zu gestalten und dem Nutzer eine vertraute Umgebung zu bieten, die dem typischen Charakter des jeweiligen Gerätes entspricht.

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