Similar but not the Same – Security for Industrial Control Systems vs. IT Systems

Today, industrial control systems (ICS) are at the center of monitoring and controlling industrial processes and operations such as production and delivery in the manufacturing sector, distribution of energy, water treatment, or managing railway transportation.

10 Steps to Survive a Data Breach (Part 2/2)

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” In line with this idiom, we discussed the prevention of a data breach in last week’s article. These measures are minimum prerequisites to reduce risk exposure and allow early detection. However, recent cyber-incidents have proven that breaches can happen to anyone and accordingly the following measures will help you deal with the situation effectively.

Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currencies: Threat or Opportunity?

The 21st Century IT blog team interviewed Leonard Doble who recently finished his research on Bitcoin and state security at the University of Nottingham to shed greater light on this 21st cenutry IT topic.

“Everyone is increasingly using Mobile Technologies”

Interview with Peter Sany, former CITO Swiss Life Group

Wer ist der Gewinner im Zahlungsverkehr der Zukunft?

Die Bankenwelt befindet sich im Umbruch. Die Konkurrenz im Zahlungsverkehr ist groß! „Alternative Payments Provider“ aus dem Bereich Web 2.0/Social Media stellen die Banken vor zahlreiche Herausforderungen – sie sehen sich damit konfrontiert, ihr Kerngeschäft, den Zahlungsverkehr, neu strukturieren, wenn nicht neu erfinden zu müssen. Wie die Verbraucher dazu stehen, hat CSC in einer aktuellen Studie untersucht.

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