Open-as-Strategy Part II: The Three Dimensions of Open Value Creation

As executives and senior government officials that want to unlock the value from next generation technologies, we will need to address the following three questions: How can we employ openness strategically? How can we organize and manage collaborative communities that combine their knowledge? What are the appropriate platforms for our specific collaboration needs?

Open-as-Strategy Part I: Emergence and Outsourcing

Open innovation, enterprise 2.0, social media for the corporation, and open government have become a major driving force in creating value. Apple, Facebook, Google, and Samsung have created multi-billion revenue streams by strategically utilizing openness: in the Apple appstore, the Android operating system, or the Facebook user experience. But even though targeted “openness” has become a major ingredient of the net worth in next generation technology companies, it has yet to be mainstreamed into the processes and cultures of more classical organizations.

Reimagining Reengineering: Organizational Strategy for Next Generation Infrastructures

20 years ago, two CSC consultants, James Champy and Michael Hammer, introduced one of the most radical idea in management thinking since Max Weber’s originally codified the concept of bureaucracy in the early 20th Century. Reengineering the Corporation (1993) with its focus on the process, not the task, transformed organizational thinking and produced the flexible global supply chains of today: Max Weber’s task-minded bureaucracy was replaced by the process, a perspective-shift that transformed how we do business. This epistemological development has put systems integration that…

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