The New Ways of Working – Working Beyond Borders

With Generation Y a new generation of young well-educated people urges in the world of Employment, which has a high affinity for technology and modern means of communication. Grown up in the era of internet and smartphones, the competition between employers for the “Best” of this generation flares up in the „war for talent“. But in return they make high demands on their working world – in terms of content but in particular also on the infrastructural and technical design of „their“ world of work. This…

The Future of Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) has evolved over the past decade and is an accustomed component of every enterprise. It is seen by many in our ever-changing and fast developing IT world as a slow moving heavy dinosaur, based on on-premise solutions.

Your Digital Intimacy – Formerly Known as Digitalization

Digitalization – no other buzzword is used more loosely these days. From Insurance to Manufacturing, from Retail to Banking, from Healthcare to Transportation.

„Everyone is increasingly using Mobile Technologies“

Interview with Peter Sany, former CITO Swiss Life Group

„We’re on a Journey to not only upgrade, but also replace Core Elements of our Applications Landscape“

Interview with Dr. Rainer Sommer, Head of GI IT Germany, Managing Director Zurich Insurance Group

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