Asset Management – The Primary Asset

40 trillion Euros by 2030 – that’s the experts’ best guess on the investments globally needed just to expand the infrastructure sufficiently to keep up with the expected rate of economic growth. This number equals a 4 followed by 13 zeroes and is only slightly less than ten times the 2015 GDPs of Austria, Germany and Switzerland combined. According to a recent survey among 100 German top managers of companies concerned with the operation and maintenance of public infrastructure such as power grids, railways and…

Digitale Agenda – Quo vadis?

Die Informations- und Kommunikationstechnologie (IKT) ist zum Nervensystem unserer “smarten” Gesellschaft geworden. Und trotzdem haben wir noch keine flächendeckende digitale Agenda in der öffentlichen Verwaltung, wie unsere letzte Studie ergeben hat. 

A Cool Business App or a Flop – The Right Decisions for a Successful Mobile App

Many of our customers complain about the fact that there are a lot of ideas for mobile applications in the company, but that they are only successfully implemented in the rarest of cases, if at all.  Why is that?

„Everyone is increasingly using Mobile Technologies“

Interview with Peter Sany, former CITO Swiss Life Group

„We also see Ourselves as Enablers for New Ways of Providing Public Services.“

Interview with Ulrike Huemer, CIO, City of Vienna

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