Connected Streets Empower Connected Cars

The evolution of the connected car has moved at a clip none of us would have dreamed even just a few short years ago. Recent news has celebrated advances in the technology and reported on the deployment of self-driving cars in American cities like Pittsburgh. And, according to Business Intelligence, over 380 million connected cars will be on the road by 2021. Like many urban pundits and observers, I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid and wondering, with the excitement of a 15-year-old boy, how soon until I have my first autonomous…

Journey to the Digital Enterprise

By Dan Hushon, Chief Technology Officer, CSC Over the past year, we have all seen signs that “Digital” is moving past the consumer-focused start-up, and past the CMO and their digital-social agendas, into a much broader enterprise strategy discussion. Many digital strategies center around bringing information into “for purpose” integrations (often visualized), and into decision/recommendation environments. By expanding the information, the analytics and new consumerized apps, mass-customized (and context-aware) experiences are becoming the norm. The Digital Enterprise has the potential to produce a wave of…

Turns out this Big Data Analytics Stuff Works

Nearly three-quarters of enterprises that report having big data projects say their analytics projects are paying off, a new CompTIA survey shows. The non-profit IT certification and education organization’s “Big Data Insights and Opportunities” report shows that slightly more than half of respondents (51%) say their enterprises have launched a big data initiative.

The Future of Enterprise Information Management

Enterprise Information Management (EIM) has evolved over the past decade and is an accustomed component of every enterprise. It is seen by many in our ever-changing and fast developing IT world as a slow moving heavy dinosaur, based on on-premise solutions.

Certificate Housekeeping

Nearly every application software brings a number of certificates with it. If you ask long-term IT security experts, they typically estimate that between 30 to 3,000 certificates are installed on any given PC. In reality a standard Windows 8.1 system easily has 30,000 and more certificates. MacOS 10.6 contains 2,000 certificates. Even on a Linux system (e.g. UBUNTU 14) there are 800 certificates. Unfortunately, lots of these certificates are outdated, are provided by untrustworthy issuers or use weak cryptography. Some certificates were generated a decade…

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