Who is Faster than the Competition?

The proceeding digitalization is causing branches and markets to change rapidly. Each company, no matter what branch or whether the company is small or large, is giving strategic thoughts to who the customers are today and who will be the customers tomorrow as well as who the competition is today and will be the competition tomorrow. Often the competition is not even from the direct market environment, but from a totally different area.

SIEM in Real-Time: Really Necessary?

Imagine you had a burglar alarm for your IT infrastructure: a tool that raises your awareness of any anomaly detected in your cyber-environment. This is what a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management; pronounced SIM, with a silent e) tool does. The basic inputs are log-files, generated by your system’s components. Those are analyzed against a standard set of rules defining the normal state of your network. Once you are facing the decision to install such a system, a product description that it is working…

“3H” – Hana & Hadoop Hybrid – combining the best of two worlds with the help of a trusted thought leader

Co-Author: Uwe Wannemacher Big Data promises to bring the understanding of an enterprise’s performance to a completely new level  – in terms of completeness as well as speed, i.e. all internal and external ‘information at your fingertips’. In other words, Big Data provides a 360 degree view of your company which is up-to-date and immediately available and allows building predictive models based on the available data.

Mit SAP HANA Geschäftsabläufe in Echtzeit analysieren – Vision oder Wirklichkeit?

Marketing-Experten von SAP übertreffen sich derzeit gegenseitig, wenn es um das Thema SAP High Performance Analytical Appliance (SAP HANA) geht. Bei SAP HANA handelt es sich um eine Appliance bestehend aus SAP-Server-Hardware von zertifizierten Hardware-Partnern der SAP und einem Softwarepaket (In-Memory-Datenbank und BI-Applikationen).

BI am Scheidepunkt – Kreatives Chaos oder BI-Strategie

Unternehmen geraten zunehmend unter Druck, auf Grund steigender Anforderungen aus regulatorischen Reporting, sowie hohen Erwartungen an Effizienzsteigerung. Die BI-Systeme sind den steigenden Anforderungen nicht mehr gewachsen. Eine Antwort kann nur eine umfassende BI- und BigData-Strategie sein.

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