Digitalization: The Formula of Success

A recent survey among German, Austrian and Swiss IT decision-makers has shown, for the second year in succession, that companies and industries in these three countries are, to varying degrees, lagging behind in terms of digitalization. This is partly owed to an obvious underestimation of the significance of the trend that I and my colleagues at CSC do not share. In addition, there is a mix of fears and prejudices, which are, in our opinion, essentially unjustified. Among the latter are, predictably, cost issues, a…

Oscillating between ‘Know Your Customer’ and ‘Know Your Bank’

In a previous post, we examined some elements of Know Your Customer (KYC) programs. Now I’m going to drill deeper into what happens when the interests and objectives of customers, banks and regulators don’t converge. In many cases, this gives rise to disconnects or the possibility of disconnects. For example, when the interests/objectives of the bank and regulator don’t converge, lapses occur. Or when the interest/objectives of the bank and customers don’t converge, experience lags. And when the disconnect is between the customer and the regulator, alternate mechanisms…

Zwischen digitalem Alltag und sozialer Revolution

Am Montag eröffneten Eric Schmidt von Google, Angela Merkel, die deutsche Bundeskanzlerin und Dilma Roussouf, die brasilianische Präsidentin die CeBIT im Kongresszentrum Hannover vor geladenem Publikum – Brasilien ist das diesjährige Partnerland der CeBIT.

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