Digitalization: The Formula of Success

A recent survey among German, Austrian and Swiss IT decision-makers has shown, for the second year in succession, that companies and industries in these three countries are, to varying degrees, lagging behind in terms of digitalization. This is partly owed to an obvious underestimation of the significance of the trend that I and my colleagues at CSC do not share. In addition, there is a mix of fears and prejudices, which are, in our opinion, essentially unjustified. Among the latter are, predictably, cost issues, a…

Will the Digital Revolution in Retail Companies Fail due to Funding Gaps?

According to a recent survey entitled „Digital Agenda 2020“ 45 percent of retail companies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland consider funding gaps the biggest obstacle on the way to the digital transformation of their businesses. Concurrently, the speed of innovation is putting the industry under pressure. As a consequence of the digital revolution, a completely new competitive situation is anticipated by 2018. This is even more relevant because of the fact that the competitive marketplace has already changed during the last 10 years by players like…

Who is Faster than the Competition?

The proceeding digitalization is causing branches and markets to change rapidly. Each company, no matter what branch or whether the company is small or large, is giving strategic thoughts to who the customers are today and who will be the customers tomorrow as well as who the competition is today and will be the competition tomorrow. Often the competition is not even from the direct market environment, but from a totally different area.

Potentials for Added Value in the Automotive Industry in the Digital Transformation Age

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Digitalization – those are all hot topics in today’s world. But what significance do they have for future added value in the automotive industry? In today’s post, I would like to concentrate on the topic „Digitalization“.

Digital Agenda – New Thinking Required

In a recent survey, CSC asked decision-makers from German, Austrian and Swiss enterprises across a variety of industries about their plans in regard to digitalization and the opportunities, risks and roadblocks they see. At first glance, the results are hardly surprising: the answers come as dispersed as the surveyed companies themselves. A closer look, however, reveals a number of interesting facts.

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