How Healthcare Convergence Is Changing the Role of Pharma

Changing market dynamics and demands for a more progressive approach to manage healthcare challenges are leading to convergence in healthcare. I spoke about this trend in my last blog and how it’s resulting not only in global healthcare systems becoming more and more alike, but also in convergence across a broad range of healthcare organizations.

Making Use of Data in Manufacturing

I guess by now most people have fully understood the value of data driven decisions and are looking to find the right entry point, i.e. the right initial use cases to dip their toes into the data lake before really getting feet wet. One of the questions coming up quite often in customer discussions is how to start. Maybe the following can help some of you to find those initial use cases. Please keep in mind: IoT / Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 etc. is…

Journey to the Digital Enterprise

By Dan Hushon, Chief Technology Officer, CSC Over the past year, we have all seen signs that “Digital” is moving past the consumer-focused start-up, and past the CMO and their digital-social agendas, into a much broader enterprise strategy discussion. Many digital strategies center around bringing information into “for purpose” integrations (often visualized), and into decision/recommendation environments. By expanding the information, the analytics and new consumerized apps, mass-customized (and context-aware) experiences are becoming the norm. The Digital Enterprise has the potential to produce a wave of…

Potentials for Added Value in the Automotive Industry in the Digital Transformation Age

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, Digitalization – those are all hot topics in today’s world. But what significance do they have for future added value in the automotive industry? In today’s post, I would like to concentrate on the topic „Digitalization“.

Digital Agenda – New Thinking Required

In a recent survey, CSC asked decision-makers from German, Austrian and Swiss enterprises across a variety of industries about their plans in regard to digitalization and the opportunities, risks and roadblocks they see. At first glance, the results are hardly surprising: the answers come as dispersed as the surveyed companies themselves. A closer look, however, reveals a number of interesting facts.

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