Making Use of Data in Manufacturing

I guess by now most people have fully understood the value of data driven decisions and are looking to find the right entry point, i.e. the right initial use cases to dip their toes into the data lake before really getting feet wet. One of the questions coming up quite often in customer discussions is how to start. Maybe the following can help some of you to find those initial use cases. Please keep in mind: IoT / Smart Manufacturing / Industry 4.0 etc. is…

Driving the Digital Vehicle

It’s not just central locking systems, power mirrors or the 18 electromechanical actuators one German luxury car had built into the driver’s seat as early as 1985 – the majority of vehicle processes have been managed electrically/electronically for decades. While today E/E components make up 20% to 40% of manufacturing costs of a car, this proportion is expected to rise to at least 50% in the years to come. This is not just due to the fact that the vehicles’ internal control mechanisms are becoming…

How to Generate Real B2B Leads in the Social Web

Time and again we come across companies that really understand how to map their customer information requirements in a CRM.  So far so good. However, just as often we come across companies where the sales department complains about insufficient support during the acquisition and entry of data, the sales management complains about insufficient data for controlling and cross selling and the marketing department complains about poor data quality for the next campaign. Often both groups of company are congruent.

Right Data: Why Big Data Sometimes Just isn’t Enough

Big Data is everywhere! The sources of Big Data are manifold and are related to several popular topics: sensors in vehicles (Connected Car) or production lines (Internet of Things, IoT), mobile communication, social media, and many other areas are capable to steadily produce enormous amounts of data. The pure collection of data is not an end in itself. The underlying goal is to generate additional value from it through skillful exploration. In recent years, the ability to both store and process Big Data sets improved…

Key Security Issues That Need to be Addressed at the 52nd Munich Security Conference and Beyond

In light of the 52nd Munich Security Conference this weekend, lets recap some of the key issues that policy makers and business leaders need to address in 2016 and upcoming years:

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