“We’re on a Journey to not only upgrade, but also replace Core Elements of our Applications Landscape”

Interview with Dr. Rainer Sommer, Head of GI IT Germany, Managing Director Zurich Insurance Group

The new Ways of Working – Working beyond Borders

Co-Authors: Robert Betz, Thomas Baus With Generation Y a new generation of young well-educated people urges in the world of employment which has a high affinity for technology and modern means of communication. Grown up in the era of internet and smartphones, the competition between employers for the “Best” of this generation flares up in the “war for talent”.

Threat Modeling for rearchitecting Security in Cloud Computing

Co-Authors: Dr. Wolf Zimmer / Otto-Sven Gliesche Everything in a cloud is at scale, resource admission, resource authentication and authorization, resource scheduling and availability and the use of inter-cloud resources. Cloud service providers deploy amounts of infrastructure to capture economies at scale. Thus, cloud security space is still evolving, as well as the technology to implement the clouds and it cannot be overlooked that cloud technology moves faster than cloud security.

CSC TechCom 2014 – Learning & Networking for our Customer’s Benefit

Starting June 2nd 2014 hundreds of CSC’s technologists, along with a huge number of our technology partners gathered in Atlanta for 4 days of learning and networking. Main focus was on DevOps, reflected by two parallel main tracks, Development and Operations, tied together by general sessions, cross-over introductions and ideation events like Flash Jams and Shark Tanks.

Administration des Sozialstaates: Die Technologie muss den Menschen dienen, nicht die Menschen der Technologie (Technology has to serve people, not vice versa)

See English version below Vor einigen Jahren hat ein Kunde aus dem Umfeld des Sozialwesens zu mir gesagt: „Größtmögliche Transparenz über die eingesetzten Geldmittel bei gleichzeitig unbürokratischem und raschem Kundenzugang mit möglichst geringem Verwaltungsaufwand ist ohne Nutzung modernster Prozesse und Technologien nicht möglich.“

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