Customers´ versus Experts´ Perspective in the Insurance Industry

As consumers, we are becoming increasingly digitally savvy and channel a growing part of our communications through social media. By doing so, we are putting the businesses we interact with to a hard test, as strategies and ways to respond to this societal development are diverse and sometimes unclear. In a recent survey, the ‘Digital Insurance Monitor 2016’ (DIM), 3,000 insurance customers as well as more than 100 insurance managers from Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey have been asked the most urgent questions pertaining to…

Do ‘Know Your Customer’ programs really work?

“Know me? No? It’s me!” Every time I walk into an establishment where I hold some sort of loyalty card, I wonder if “they” really “know me.” That got me to thinking about Know Your Customer (KYC) programs. More and more, financial institutions are performing KYC, not to really get to know you, but to check off that they followed yet another mechanical process. Recently, I ran into a very good friend of mine that I had lost touch with for almost 30 years. When we met…

“CRM: New Touch Points are Promising, but the Traditional Ones Are Far from Doomed“

Interview with Hans-J. Agnischock, Head of Enterprise Customer Performance/CRM, CSC

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