“We’re on a Journey to not only upgrade, but also replace Core Elements of our Applications Landscape”

Interview with Dr. Rainer Sommer, Head of GI IT Germany, Managing Director Zurich Insurance Group

Social Media im Bevölkerungsschutz: Eine (immer noch) neue Realität – und wie man sie gewinnbringend gestaltet

Nachdem die Fluten des Sommerhochwassers 2013 abgeflossen und die damit verbundenen Verwüstungen geräumt waren, blieb ein Rätsel: Wie kann zukünftig mit einem neuen Phänomen umgegangen werden, das sich als Community-Aktivität erstmals in dieser Intensität zeigte?

Application Performance and The Modern World

In the deepest darkest recesses of Information Technology history (few might even go so far as to call it the “digital dark ages”), people believed that once an application was delivered into production, that was basically the end of the conversation and the job was finished. No more questions asked.

Smart Car – The Car of the Future

The majority of German motorists want next-generation information technology in cars to be easier to learn and use, and safer to operate while driving. This reveals a research report from CSC entitled “Smart Car – The Car of the Future”.

Disproving Myths of Big Data

At a recent conference, I heard a dozen speakers interchangeably refer to big data as “e-commerce” or “digital marketing”. Those are components of big data, but the terms should not be used interchangeably. Unstructured big data refers to information in the cloud, including e-commerce, digital marketing, geo-spacial information, RFID, mobile offers, video, mobile wallets and payments, comments, tweets, NFC (Near Field Communication), blogs, “likes”, schematics, photos, infographics, clicks, QR codes, online searches and much more. Structured big data mostly refers to internal data, including shipments,…

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