Disproving Myths of Big Data

At a recent conference, I heard a dozen speakers interchangeably refer to big data as “e-commerce” or “digital marketing”. Those are components of big data, but the terms should not be used interchangeably. Unstructured big data refers to information in the cloud, including e-commerce, digital marketing, geo-spacial information, RFID, mobile offers, video, mobile wallets and payments, comments, tweets, NFC (Near Field Communication), blogs, “likes”, schematics, photos, infographics, clicks, QR codes, online searches and much more. Structured big data mostly refers to internal data, including shipments,…

CSC TechCom 2014 – Learning & Networking for our Customer’s Benefit

Starting June 2nd 2014 hundreds of CSC’s technologists, along with a huge number of our technology partners gathered in Atlanta for 4 days of learning and networking. Main focus was on DevOps, reflected by two parallel main tracks, Development and Operations, tied together by general sessions, cross-over introductions and ideation events like Flash Jams and Shark Tanks.

Data Masking for Test Data Management – a Question of Honor

Co-Authors: Mario Berger,  Dr. Jörg Apsel In order to develop software in a cost efficient way, today many companies outsource their software development departments to e.g. India. Which data will therefore typically be used for tests? Of course copies of the live data. Data Privacy issues will automatically occur and could lead to contraventions of law.

Geodaten der öffentlichen Verwaltung – Ungenutztes Wertschöpfungspotential erschließen

Co-Author: Sören Ludwig Mit dem Siegeszug des mobilen Internets ist auch die Nutzung digitaler Geodaten exponentiell gestiegen. Der Zugriff auf Standortdaten erfolgt heute einfach, schnell und unbewusst. Mit zunehmender Selbstverständlichkeit werden bspw. webbasierte Kartendienste als Navigations- und Orientierungshilfe eingesetzt. Die öffentliche Verwaltung stellt, was die Nutzung digitaler Geodaten angeht, hierbei keine Ausnahme dar, denn auch in Behörden wird vermehrt auf den Einsatz von Geo-IT gesetzt.

Big Picture Thinking: Strategy for the Cloud Age

In 2014, the IT industry is transforming radically and with it our societies, and  the business models of our clients: after the main frame age, the client-server age, we are now moving into the cloud age – the age of the always-on, ever-connected, Internet-of-things-driven, network society. I have just spent a few days in the US at the CSC Global Sales Conference and want to share my learning. At CSC, we have developed the concept of the outside-in enterprise to encapsulate that.

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