IT Is Now in the Driver’s Seat

Just as new manufacturing techniques and technology innovations led to the industrial revolution a century ago, the automotive industry is again experiencing dramatic shifts in its core business model. Technology-led advances are transforming not only the vehicle itself but also the way it is developed, produced, sold and serviced — to serve changing customer preferences in an ever more competitive world.

Smart Car – The Car of the Future

The majority of German motorists want next-generation information technology in cars to be easier to learn and use, and safer to operate while driving. This reveals a research report from CSC entitled “Smart Car – The Car of the Future”.

Das Auto 3.0

Aktuell erleben wir einen Paradigmenwechsel in der Automobilindustrie. Das Auto ist nicht mehr länger nur ein Transportmittel, das einem dabei hilft, von A nach B zu kommen. Nein, das Auto ist heute ein wichtiges Element in unserer digital vernetzten Welt.

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