Enterprise Architecture’s New Clothes

Co-Authors: Danny Weinberger, Andrew Doble Digital as a trend is continuing its inexorable march into the enterprise, a fact that hat has not escaped the attention of many CIOs. According to the latest CSC CIO survey a large proportion of CIOs is investing in new technologies to drive business innovation forward in their organizations.

„We also see Ourselves as Enablers for New Ways of Providing Public Services.“

Interview with Ulrike Huemer, CIO, City of Vienna

Could you rely on your mobile device without TESTING?

Countless organizations across the globe offer web-based business services. Their customers use a myriad of different devices and networks – expecting to access these services with their individual mobile devices at any time and from any location with the same user experience. Absolute reliability is expected on every combination of handset, operating system, location and network provider.

Das Auto 3.0

Aktuell erleben wir einen Paradigmenwechsel in der Automobilindustrie. Das Auto ist nicht mehr länger nur ein Transportmittel, das einem dabei hilft, von A nach B zu kommen. Nein, das Auto ist heute ein wichtiges Element in unserer digital vernetzten Welt.

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