Journey to the Digital Enterprise

By Dan Hushon, Chief Technology Officer, CSC Over the past year, we have all seen signs that “Digital” is moving past the consumer-focused start-up, and past the CMO and their digital-social agendas, into a much broader enterprise strategy discussion. Many digital strategies center around bringing information into “for purpose” integrations (often visualized), and into decision/recommendation environments. By expanding the information, the analytics and new consumerized apps, mass-customized (and context-aware) experiences are becoming the norm. The Digital Enterprise has the potential to produce a wave of…

Enterprise Architecture’s New Clothes

Co-Authors: Danny Weinberger, Andrew Doble Digital as a trend is continuing its inexorable march into the enterprise, a fact that hat has not escaped the attention of many CIOs. According to the latest CSC CIO survey a large proportion of CIOs is investing in new technologies to drive business innovation forward in their organizations.

Microsoft Office for iPad is way more than just an „app“

„If I only had the real office on my iPad…“ – that’s one of the most common thoughts business users have had during the last years, when trying to simply access common Microsoft Office documents on Apple’s tablet PC flagship. And that’s a quote used by Julia White, Microsofts product manager for the office family, during the company’s press briefing on March, 27th. She even demo’ed what this feeling is about in reality by showing a Word document with iOS’s internal standard viewer. Wrong font…

Offene Architektur als Fundament für Open Government

Die Ideen und Vorschläge von Open Government liegen bereits einige Jahre auf dem Tisch. Mittlerweile ist auch die logische Konsequenz verstanden, dass in einer Gesellschaft, deren Mitglieder sich ganz selbstverständlich in allen Bereichen des Alltags vernetzen, auch deren Administration, die öffentliche Verwaltung, gezwungen ist, sich einer Vernetzung nach innen und nicht zuletzt nach außen zu öffnen.

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