Automation is the Next Generation of IT (Out-)Sourcing

During the last 15 years outsourcing and offshoring of IT services has lowered the IT costs of many companies significantly. Major focus has been on developing and maintaining IT solutions for large customers.

All began with building service and support centers in Eastern Europe and India. Since then we have seen waves of going east: Philippines, Vietnam, China… So what is next? Read More

Security As A Service: Do You Get the Service You Expected? (Part 2/2)

Following the first article about why organizations should outsource security services, in this post I would like to address some further considerations.

Adding external IT service providers to your company’s IT service portfolio requires a lot more considerations and arrangements.  It is not the intension of this article to be comprehensive in this regards, because many aspects are outside the information security scope.   Therefore the below covers just a few more but important action items when searching for a new security service provider. Read More

Security As A Service: Do You Get the Service You Expected? (Part 1/2)

This article takes you on a comprehensive tour de force of Managed Security Services (MSS). Learn why organizations outsource security services, how they select providers, how the two sides work together and where the pitfalls are even when all necessary steps were taken to ensure a successful project/service. Read More

Cyber Insurance: State of Play

Cyber risks are real and are constantly evolving with technological advances and pervasiveness. Whether individuals, small business or multi-national – all might face a Cyber incident that can result in costly financial consequences. In times of heavy competition in classic insurance products and negative interest rate headwinds limiting returns from insurer’s bond portfolios, Cyber risks present a major opportunity for the insurance industry. With annual growth rates of up to 100%, global Cyber insurance market size predictions for 2025 range between $ 10 to 20+ bn. However, at this time Cyber also presents a risk least understood by the insurance industry. Read More

When the Cryptolocker Strikes – Reasons for Success of Ransomware

It was at a public sector customer’s site when our shared project mail account received a quite legitimate-looking email with an invoice in a .docm document and a request to verify its contents. The sender seemed to be a lady employed at the customer’s organization. But at second look, something was wrong with it. She was not employed here nor has she ever been. I showed it around the project team and we quickly got very skeptical, deleting it. According to the information security staff at the organization, we became victim to an attempt to infect our IT infrastructure with Locky, a piece of malware infecting more than 5000 PCs per hour in mid-February 2016 just in Germany and encrypting the data on all these PCs. Read More

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