Cluetrain Reloaded: Code is law, architecture is philosophy, and communication is eminent

15 years ago, in 1999, a group of forethinkers published the “Cluetrain Manifesto” in which they asserted that the Internet is unlike the ordinary media used in mass marketing as it enables people to have “human to human” conversations, which have the potential to transform traditional business practices radically. Read More

Microsoft Office for iPad is way more than just an „app”

„If I only had the real office on my iPad…“ – that’s one of the most common thoughts business users have had during the last years, when trying to simply access common Microsoft Office documents on Apple’s tablet PC flagship. And that’s a quote used by Julia White, Microsofts product manager for the office family, during the company’s press briefing on March, 27th. She even demo’ed what this feeling is about in reality by showing a Word document with iOS’s internal standard viewer. Wrong font sizes, pictures misplaced, totally screwed up in general. That’s the sobering experience iPad users are familiar with when trying to use their most beloved gadget for the most simple business purposes. Read More

Could you rely on your mobile device without TESTING?

Countless organizations across the globe offer web-based business services. Their customers use a myriad of different devices and networks – expecting to access these services with their individual mobile devices at any time and from any location with the same user experience. Absolute reliability is expected on every combination of handset, operating system, location and network provider. Read More

A view on “Analytics 3.0″ and our approach towards successful implementation

Authors: Dr. Günter Koch and Andreas Hufenstuhl

It appears that a new term “Analytics 3.0”[1] has been recently coined within the Big Data domain.  Herein  “1.0” relates to classical business intelligence and data warehousing solutions. As a next step “2.0” refers to new, mainly opensource based solutions, where   massive amounts of unstructured data are being analyzed, that specialized companies like start-ups and online traders have deployed. “3.0” would mean a combination of classical and new solutions that would optimize the business performance of enterprises in all industry verticals. Read More

Are you ready for Change? Is your IT ready for Change?

The world is changing – in so many ways it’s hard to keep up from time to time. Gladly I can concentrate on main business & IT changes here. Still the variety of subjects led me to the conclusion to select just a few subjects in this post rather than going in greater detail. Read More

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