5 Things every Board Member Should Know about Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Cloud data storage, multiple business applications, BYOD, home office – Applying appropriate and sufficient controls for managing user accounts and access rights address one of the most significant challenges in today’s enterprise’s IT environment. Intentional or accidental misuse of IT driven business processes by (formerly) authorized users may have a severe impact on the enterprise and its competitive position. As we have pointed out before on this blog, insiders continue to be a major source of data breaches. The following two examples illustrate an organization’s risk arising from a lack of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Read More

Digitalization of Critical Public Infrastructure – is There More to it Than Security Threats?

Digitalization of assets in Critical Public Infrastructure (CPI) such as energy, rail, roads and water supply is increasing at an ever increasing pace, with hundreds of millions of additional sensors and intelligent components being installed additionally every year around the globe. In the next years the proliferation of digital components in physical assets will create an amount of “IT elements and networks” that goes well beyond the currently installed private and business IT. Looking at this development in those infrastructure areas that are crucial for our everyday wellbeing, comfort and safety, the question of security and integrity of a digitalized infrastructure emerges immediately. In 2012, Marc Elsberg published his blockbuster novel “Blackout”, in which he describes a total failure of electricity infrastructure due to a major hacking attack. This novel has added to a widespread public perception, that digitalization of our energy, water and telecom networks is posing a big threat to its operation and may represent a significant risk for the everyday functioning of our economy and society. So what is the good of it all? Read More

ISMS-Alternativen zum BSI Grundschutztool

Das Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik (BSI) hat mit dem IT Grundschutz eine Methode für ein effektives Management der Informationssicherheit entwickelt. Sie lässt sich flexibel an die Gegebenheiten einer Organisation anpassen. Ebenso lassen sich Gefährdungen und Risiken ermitteln und Maßnahmen für den betroffenen Geltungsbereich (IT-Verbund) ableiten. Read More

5 Reasons for a Process Driven Approach to IAM Projects

Many technicians do not like it, since it requires communication, discussion and limits the options to play around. But there are good reasons for taking a process driven approach to IAM projects. A process driven approach ensures to … Read More

Yes we are Open – Cybersecurity and the Future of Retail

Authors: Alexander Schellong, Jens Michael Marohn, Wolfgang Kiener

According to a recent survey conducted by Forrester, an independent research firm, 97% of respondents prioritize digital innovation and Cybersecurity in 2015. In a way this comes at no surprise to the readership of this blog as the spike of cyber incidents at major retailers in 2014 and 2015 showed that they are open for customers and cybercriminals at the same time. Stationary and online retailers are a sweet spot for the latter as billions of customer transactions including payment details are processed or stored in a retailer’s systems. Data is the new gold. Read More

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