Smart Home – Still Secure Home?

With the upcoming Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 the Smart Home/Smart Office or more generally the Smart Building is becoming more and more important. Smart Buildings use technology from the traditional home and building control and connect it to the internet. Commercials from the television promise to control the complete home from the smartphone or tablet but never say a word about IT security. When vendors talk about security they mean securing your home with alarm systems but forget to say that all this security may easily be bypassed, if the control systems are not secure by the means of IT security. So, let’s have a closer look at that. Read More

Making the Connected Car a Win-Win-Win Thing

The connected car is the talk of the town – not only among automotive experts. Expectations are manifold: Car owners are looking forward to new information, entertainment offers and new services in general; marketers can’t wait for the Big User Data the connected car is going to generate; urban and traffic planners are already blueprinting automated traffic management systems, and auto makers assure us that the self-driving car is closer around the corner than most of us imagine. Read More

Bitcoin and Other Virtual Currencies: Threat or Opportunity?

The 21st Century IT blog team interviewed Leonard Doble who recently finished his research on Bitcoin and state security at the University of Nottingham to shed greater light on this 21st cenutry IT topic.

Read More

Öffentliche Geoinformationen – Verfügbarkeit und Nutzbarkeit aktuell und in Zukunft

Autoren: Dr. Christian Kiehle und Hans Plum

Geoinformationen sind ein wesentlicher Rohstoff unserer digitalen Gesellschaft. Ihr Wertschöpfungspotenzial ist enorm. So nutzen zum Beispiel Versicherungskonzerne Geoinformationen zur Risikobewertung, Energieversorger planen Trassen auf Basis von Geodaten und zahlreiche Apps bringen allein durch den räumlichen Kontext einen Mehrwert. Trotzdem bleibt der bislang gehobene Mehrwert hinter den Erwartungen. Wieso werden insbesondere amtliche und öffentliche Geoportale weniger intensiv genutzt als Geoportale kommerzieller Hersteller? Read More

How Does the Digital Community Affect the Car Industry and the Architecture Team?

Currently, there are many discussions with customers about digital strategies, the impact on business strategies and models and the role of enterprise architecture in the process. In these discussions, I keep seeing that the emphasis is mostly on things like mobile strategy, apps and digital platforms. Of course, these are all important issues that you have to tackle and implement. But what does a digital business and IT strategy look like and which additional value do IT and the architecture team provide at the end of the day? Read More

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