Drivers at Risk? Securing the Connected Car

The next revolution in the automotive sector is digital with the prospect of autonomous driving in the distant future. Two worlds converge. One of short product lifecycles and rapid innovation, and one of longer planning periods on modest innovation. Today’s cars may have up to 100 electronic control units (ECU) with multilayered runtime environments, multi-source software, multi-core CPU’s and million lines of software code, connected by controller area network (CAN) that steer everything from engine electronics to entertainment systems.

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ERPs: Finally Moving at the Speed of Business

By Jonathan Ebsworth, global head of Enterprise Solutions & Systems Integration, CSC

Now more than ever, the cloud is empowering enterprises by accelerating innovation, delivering business agility and reducing costs. That’s why a cloud infrastructure is a vital part of many application modernization efforts.

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The Need and Challenges of an International and National Approach to Cybersecurity

The growing complexity of the interconnectedness of physical and virtual infrastructure – servers, databases, microchips, cables, mobile phones, cars, machines and so on – through information and communication technology (ICT) are not only diffusing globally but are of concern to many. Beyond its impact on leadership, management or institutions, there is a common fear that this development offers more and more avenues for disruptions in the “digital supply chain” and thus increases the vulnerability of the information society and the global economy to system failure. Consequently, cyber threats have achieved an indisputable salience among government practitioners, business leaders and researchers alike. Read More

What does it take to make an organization “smart”?

The website “” defines the word “smart” as “characterized by sharp, quick thought”. From the standpoint of those executives like the Chief Operations Officer, this definition means that all the required data to make a sharp, quick decision is at hand and organized to enable them to reach the right decision quickly. Read More

A Management View: Securing the Cloud

Cloud computing solutions are here to stay and continue to grow in any industry. At the same time, the debate on cloud (computing) security seems to be a never-ending story. In fact, security and data protection are always a key matter of interest for our clients when we try to help them with digital transformation. Time to take a look at the current state of the discourse and security measures from a management perspective. Read More

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