Assessing your Organization – is this a Cake Walk?

Before defining and implementing a new business or IT strategy, very often organizations do not exactly know how their organization or architecture look like in detail or which capabilities they have established, tailored, or retired – both for business and IT. Read More

Process is Key: Improve User Experience with DevOps

Mobility continues to change the way we do business at a dramatic rate. It can help organizations operate more innovative and quickly at a lower cost. As enterprise mobility strategies take shape, organizational and technical challenges are soon overcome; companies can focus on users and start to deliver required mobile business apps on top of their enterprise mobility platforms. Read More

Defining the Cloud Empowered Enterprise: Key Steps to Business Agility and Innovation

Transformation is alive and well across global enterprises.  From government services to financials to entertainment, the way that we consume, pay for and enjoy products and services is changing rapidly.  It is well understood that companies need to evolve quickly in order to stay ahead of the competition and IT must be a key business enabler to make that happen. Read More

Disproving Myths of Big Data

At a recent conference, I heard a dozen speakers interchangeably refer to big data as “e-commerce” or “digital marketing”. Those are components of big data, but the terms should not be used interchangeably. Unstructured big data refers to information in the cloud, including e-commerce, digital marketing, geo-spacial information, RFID, mobile offers, video, mobile wallets and payments, comments, tweets, NFC (Near Field Communication), blogs, “likes”, schematics, photos, infographics, clicks, QR codes, online searches and much more. Structured big data mostly refers to internal data, including shipments, manufacturing, orders, inventory, CRM, promotions, POS, forecasts, spreadsheets, syndicated data, etc. Read More

Threat Modeling for rearchitecting Security in Cloud Computing

Co-Authors: Dr. Wolf Zimmer / Otto-Sven Gliesche

Everything in a cloud is at scale, resource admission, resource authentication and authorization, resource scheduling and availability and the use of inter-cloud resources. Cloud service providers deploy amounts of infrastructure to capture economies at scale. Thus, cloud security space is still evolving, as well as the technology to implement the clouds and it cannot be overlooked that cloud technology moves faster than cloud security. Read More

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