What it means to be a Cloud service broker

Co-Author: Thomas Baus

As the globally leading Cloud providers more and more align their offerings to a common baseline of price and performance, the question is: Does it still matter what features and functions we as an IT service provider can offer? Is it enough to boast about the sheer power of our Cloud solutions? Read More

Big Picture Thinking: Strategy for the Cloud Age

In 2014, the IT industry is transforming radically and with it our societies, and  the business models of our clients: after the main frame age, the client-server age, we are now moving into the cloud age – the age of the always-on, ever-connected, Internet-of-things-driven, network society. I have just spent a few days in the US at the CSC Global Sales Conference and want to share my learning. At CSC, we have developed the concept of the outside-in enterprise to encapsulate that. Read More

Transformation to a Cloud-empowered Enterprise

Cloud computing is a trend-setting business model based on the technology of virtualization with high economical benefits. But what are exactly the benefits? Can the majority of benefits only be generated out of the modernization of the pure infrastructure? What additional impacts does cloud computing have on the IT strategy at all? And what about the existing application landscape – can it be reused in a virtual environment without major changes in their architecture? Read More

Next Generation IT für die Administration des Sozialstaates (Next-Generation IT for the Administration of the Welfare State)

See English version below

Jobs und Wohnungen, Grundeinkommen, Mindestlohn – das sind einige der immer wieder aktuellen Themen in den meist sehr kontrovers geführten Debatten über den Sozialstaat (ein Staat, der in seinem Handeln soziale Sicherheit und soziale Gerechtigkeit aktiv unterstützen will). Dieser Sozialstaat ist etwas ins Wanken geraten, weil seine finanzielle Kraft beschränkt ist, während hingegen die soziale Bedürftigkeit und die Nachfrage nach Fördermitteln permanent im Steigen begriffen scheinen. Read More

The Key Enabler of Cloud Computing is Security

Authors: Otto-Sven Gliesche, Dr. Wolf Zimmer, Peter Rehäußer

Cloud service providers entered the market with high scalability and functionality at low costs, but not many of them are aware of the increasing need for providing security and customer privacy. But, without any doubt the top concern of users wiling to enter the cloud, is security, last but not at least actually encouraged by the published exposures of espionage and information disclosure. Read More

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