What Do ‚Digital Leaders‘ Do Differently to Become More Successful in Today’s Business World?

190_eiu_survey_2016Digital transformation is still in its early days in Europe. Many clients in various industries are looking to digitalize their existing business or to enter new business models.

Great examples for how fast this topic is progressing can be found in the automotive industry like with Ford, VW or Daimler or within manufacturing striving for Internet of Things (IoT) and industry 4.0 solutions.

Beside technological challenges there are also organizational barriers to overcome. IT companies like CSC are aiming to help clients with their digital journey by not only providing technologies but also digital thought leadership.

In a recent survey 500 C-level executives inside and outside IT, among them top level digital leaders, were asked about their perspective on their digital journey. Read More

Oscillating between ‘Know Your Customer’ and ‘Know Your Bank’


In a previous post, we examined some elements of Know Your Customer (KYC) programs. Now I’m going to drill deeper into what happens when the interests and objectives of customers, banks and regulators don’t converge.

In many cases, this gives rise to disconnects or the possibility of disconnects. For example, when the interests/objectives of the bank and regulator don’t converge, lapses occur. Or when the interest/objectives of the bank and customers don’t converge, experience lags. And when the disconnect is between the customer and the regulator, alternate mechanisms evolve.

Let’s examine the effects of non-convergence between customer and the bank.

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Do ‘Know Your Customer’ programs really work?

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“Know me? No? It’s me!”

Every time I walk into an establishment where I hold some sort of loyalty card, I wonder if “they” really “know me.”

That got me to thinking about Know Your Customer (KYC) programs. More and more, financial institutions are performing KYC, not to really get to know you, but to check off that they followed yet another mechanical process.

Recently, I ran into a very good friend of mine that I had lost touch with for almost 30 years. When we met (quite by accident) we almost instantly (well, really about 10 seconds) recognized each other. We didn’t need a friendship loyalty card to help us remember each other. So how on earth did we KNOW each other?

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Connected Streets Empower Connected Cars

connected_streetsThe evolution of the connected car has moved at a clip none of us would have dreamed even just a few short years ago.

Recent news has celebrated advances in the technology and reported on the deployment of self-driving cars in American cities like Pittsburgh. And, according to Business Intelligence, over 380 million connected cars will be on the road by 2021.

Like many urban pundits and observers, I’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid and wondering, with the excitement of a 15-year-old boy, how soon until I have my first autonomous driving experience. Read More

BREXIT – And now?

The British decided! On June 23rd 2016! They want to withdraw from the European Union! This day clearly shows that the people on the island are divided. Basically, it was a fifty-fifty result. A closer look shows that there are 3.8 % more people in favor of Brexit than against it.


What does this mean?

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