The Weakest Link in Security: The Individual

Many industrial companies have a general rule like: all information that one can obtain during work or for work is confidential or highly confidential unless that information has been published by the communication department to the outside world.

It should be every employee’s concern to protect the company’s confidential and sensitive information, this includes technology, know-how, strategy and intellectual property. Read More

Digital Agenda – New Thinking Required

In a recent survey, CSC asked decision-makers from German, Austrian and Swiss enterprises across a variety of industries about their plans in regard to digitalization and the opportunities, risks and roadblocks they see. At first glance, the results are hardly surprising: the answers come as dispersed as the surveyed companies themselves. A closer look, however, reveals a number of interesting facts. Read More

How can Application Landscapes be Strategically and Effectively Modernized?

See German version below

The Importance of Application Portfolios

For many companies, their business applications – grouped in so-called application portfolios– represent the backbone of their business activities. Typically, these portfolios are focused on individual business areas such as Sales or Finance and often consist of several dozen individual applications. They are increasingly serving as a significant competitive factor that decides between success and failure. Read More

5 Things every Board Member Should Know about Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Cloud data storage, multiple business applications, BYOD, home office – Applying appropriate and sufficient controls for managing user accounts and access rights address one of the most significant challenges in today’s enterprise’s IT environment. Intentional or accidental misuse of IT driven business processes by (formerly) authorized users may have a severe impact on the enterprise and its competitive position. As we have pointed out before on this blog, insiders continue to be a major source of data breaches. The following two examples illustrate an organization’s risk arising from a lack of Identity and Access Management (IAM). Read More

Digitalization of Critical Public Infrastructure – is There More to it Than Security Threats?

Digitalization of assets in Critical Public Infrastructure (CPI) such as energy, rail, roads and water supply is increasing at an ever increasing pace, with hundreds of millions of additional sensors and intelligent components being installed additionally every year around the globe. In the next years the proliferation of digital components in physical assets will create an amount of “IT elements and networks” that goes well beyond the currently installed private and business IT. Looking at this development in those infrastructure areas that are crucial for our everyday wellbeing, comfort and safety, the question of security and integrity of a digitalized infrastructure emerges immediately. In 2012, Marc Elsberg published his blockbuster novel “Blackout”, in which he describes a total failure of electricity infrastructure due to a major hacking attack. This novel has added to a widespread public perception, that digitalization of our energy, water and telecom networks is posing a big threat to its operation and may represent a significant risk for the everyday functioning of our economy and society. So what is the good of it all? Read More

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