Brauchen Behörden Social-Media-Manager?

Autoren: Sören Ludwig, Niels Proske

Warum Behörden Social-Media-Manager brauchen

Social Media haben einen enormen Bedeutungswandel erlebt. Schon seit einiger Zeit hat sich die Nutzung beständig in Richtung Informationsgewinnung und -austausch verschoben und professionalisiert. Zwischen den Statusupdates und Fotos von Freunden und Bekannten finden sich immer häufiger Mitteilungen von Unternehmen, aktuelle Nachrichten oder Informationen professioneller Organisationen. Facebooks so genannte “instant articles” sind nur der jüngste Ausdruck dieser Entwicklung. Artikel werden hierbei zwar von klassischen Medienhäusern bereitgestellt aber komplett von Facebook gehostet. In Deutschland haben bereits Spiegel-Online und die Bild-Zeitung ihre Beteiligung angekündigt. Social Media sind heute längst Werkzeuge zur Gewinnung von Informationen für den beruflichen und privaten Gebrauch. Organisatorischer Ausdruck der weiteren Professionalisierung von Social Media ist die Einrichtung spezialisierter Stellen und Rollen, insbesondere in Unternehmen. Read More

Your Security Operations Center (SOC): Built, Shared or as-a-Service?

Cyber attacks have become ever more frequent, targeted and sophisticated. Millions of warnings are produced by platforms, applications and numerous point solutions like antivirus (AV), intrusion detection system (IDS)/ intrusion prevention system (IPS) and firewalls. Quality and speed of the response are essential to limit the impact on your organization. Unfortunately, the trend is going in the opposite direction. Due to the increased complexity of the attacks, companies are forced to employ more and more resources to detect and eliminate a threat. A professionally designed Security Operations Center (SOC) can be a vital line of defense against unauthorized, malicious activity in real time. This requires employing the right people, technology and processes. But what other aspects have to be taken into account when investing in your SOC? Read More

Cybersecurity: Big Opportunities for Big Data

What has Big Data been up to?

Big Data has been a major topic in the IT realm for years. The terms Big Data and Big Data analytics are generally used to describe the potential for new insights into our environment by making sense of the rapidly increasing amount of information produced by the growing number of connected devices. But what is the bigger picture in the potential of Big Data in cybersecurity?

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10 Things Board Members Should Know and Ask About Cybersecurity

Security is like most business decisions not a democratic decision. You as board member, CEO, COO or CFO define the level of security your company stands for. The challenge is that you speak a different language than your security professionals. They might seem overly paranoid or technical for you and do not understand the realities and priorities you have to deal with on a daily basis. Given the evolving information security threats to any organization, it’s imperative that you set the security standards of your organization. Consider the following 10 principles. Read More

Enterprise Architecture and Agile Development: Two Worlds Colliding or Opposites Attract?

Authors: Marc Lankhorst (BiZZdesign), Danny Weinberger (CSC)

See German Version below.

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Why Agility Matters

Agility has become a key ability of enterprises. The pace at which customers require changes, at which new laws and regulations affect services and introduce processes, and the ease with which competitors can disrupt your business, as Google and Apple do nowadays, leads to tremendous pressure. Pressure to change rapidly, to adopt new technologies, to generate growth, to scale up or to reduce cost. So in many organizations, being agile is as crucial as being able to innovate. Innovation and agility are necessary competences for a sustainable business. Read More

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