When Speed to Market Doesn’t Seem to be Enough for Insurers and their Products

In today’s world we have some clear indicators that power has shifted from companies to consumers and consumers’ expectations are increasing exponentially due to their experiences with other services, primarily services driven by technology. This is a world of immediate information and gratification where outside industries are raising the bar for traditional companies that operate in more traditional business areas like insurers. Read More

Fuelling Innovation in the Fuel Card Industry

The fuel card business, like most facets of the energy industry, is changing.

Despite the dramatic fall in fuel prices and continuous improvement in vehicle efficiencies, fuel remains the significant cost for many organisations. For fleets, freight forwarders, leasing companies and small businesses, the fuel card remains a valuable tool to easily manage and control vehicle expenses. In fact, the number of fuel cards sold in Europe is projected to rise, year on year to 2019, resulting in a market 113.6 billion-Euros strong. Read More

Asset Management – The Primary Asset

40 trillion Euros by 2030 – that’s the experts’ best guess on the investments globally needed just to expand the infrastructure sufficiently to keep up with the expected rate of economic growth. This number equals a 4 followed by 13 zeroes and is only slightly less than ten times the 2015 GDPs of Austria, Germany and Switzerland combined.

According to a recent survey among 100 German top managers of companies concerned with the operation and maintenance of public infrastructure such as power grids, railways and water supply networks, there is a serious lack of information about the actual condition of the infrastructure. Read More

How Healthcare Convergence Is Changing the Role of Pharma

Changing market dynamics and demands for a more progressive approach to manage healthcare challenges are leading to convergence in healthcare. I spoke about this trend in my last blog and how it’s resulting not only in global healthcare systems becoming more and more alike, but also in convergence across a broad range of healthcare organizations. Read More

Is your Application Development Secure?

As companies more and more rely on more specific business applications in today’s fast paced business environment, the software development facilities serving the company have become a strategic partner. A partner that has become overwhelmingly occupied with projects so detailed and complex that it was just necessary to split up the project phases that developers can concentrate on their core duties… the code itself. So far so good, you have it all; your Project Management Office to coordinate the efforts and assign resources, Business Analysts to understand what the business wants, System Engineers to provide you with the infrastructure and keep your code running, the Testing Team that will push the application to its limit and most important your Developers, they will in the end provide your product… which essentially means that your kitchen is ready to serve good food! Read More

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