The Vision of a Service Enabled Enterprise

Today many enterprises struggle to cope with fast changing market conditions, new and disruptive technology trends and competition from younger and more agile companies. This new era dramatically changes the business’s expectations for IT. Read More

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) – Pain Point or Competitive Advantage?

When I started my career about 25 years ago, I was  assigned a project around regulatory reporting (the good old German 5th KWG), most of my colleagues were quite concerned about whether this would be a good career move: Read More

How to find and filter the relevant Data and ignore the Rest

More and more companies are being forced to collect and evaluate an increasing amount of data in increasingly shorter time intervals. Read More

Social Media im Bevölkerungsschutz: Eine (immer noch) neue Realität – und wie man sie gewinnbringend gestaltet

Nachdem die Fluten des Sommerhochwassers 2013 abgeflossen und die damit verbundenen Verwüstungen geräumt waren, blieb ein Rätsel: Wie kann zukünftig mit einem neuen Phänomen umgegangen werden, das sich als Community-Aktivität erstmals in dieser Intensität zeigte? Read More

Earning the Right to manage IT

One of the privileges of advising customers on business/IT alignment is that you get to visit fascinating people and hear their views on current management topics. Last Tuesday was an example worth sharing. In the morning I visited the CIO of a flight services company at a local airport, in the evening I was a few kilometers down the road at a large hospital talking to – whether you believe this or not – the brain surgery team.

Read More

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