Digitalization: The Formula of Success

A recent survey among German, Austrian and Swiss IT decision-makers has shown, for the second year in succession, that companies and industries in these three countries are, to varying degrees, lagging behind in terms of digitalization.

This is partly owed to an obvious underestimation of the significance of the trend that I and my colleagues at CSC do not share. In addition, there is a mix of fears and prejudices, which are, in our opinion, essentially unjustified. Among the latter are, predictably, cost issues, a fear of complexity and a general reluctance to change what are perceived as tried and tested processes and business models. Read More

Customers´ versus Experts´ Perspective in the Insurance Industry


As consumers, we are becoming increasingly digitally savvy and channel a growing part of our communications through social media. By doing so, we are putting the businesses we interact with to a hard test, as strategies and ways to respond to this societal development are diverse and sometimes unclear.

In a recent survey, the ‘Digital Insurance Monitor 2016’ (DIM), 3,000 insurance customers as well as more than 100 insurance managers from Austria, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and Turkey have been asked the most urgent questions pertaining to the relationship between consumers and their insurance companies.

The following questions had been looked into in more details:

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CIO Insights: Marcus Frantz, CIO OMV Group, in an Interview About Digital Transformation

“Whatever I do, whatever I touch, I need to think about information security and provide built-in protection against cyberthreats.”

eiu_marcus_frantzThe last year has been challenging for OMV Group, an international, integrated oil and gas company based in Vienna, Austria. It’s one of the country’s largest industrial companies, with more than 24,000 employees and operations in not only Austria, but also Germany, Hungary, Romania, the North Sea, Middle East and Africa.

The new CEO, Rainer Seele, earlier this year announced a major new strategy. His stringent plan calls for OMV to focus on improving cash flow. That will be done mainly, Seele says, by optimizing the portfolio, reducing overall investments, and cutting exploration and appraisal spending. CIO Marcus Frantz has seen OMV through both the highs and the lows, having joined the company in 2004. He was appointed to his current CIO position in early 2013. Read More

How to Streamline and Integrate Security Operations?

Today’s security teams are flooded with multiple feeds of information and analytical methods. In parallel, attackers make use of various vulnerabilities and continuously target critical business services, infrastructure and employees. In order to accomplish and manage appropriate protection, security and IT operations must work closely together. However, many have a dependence on manual processes, separate silo teams and systems which impacts the security team’s efficiency and effectiveness.

Typically enterprises have diverse operation centers or teams e.g. NOC, SOC or IT operations requiring firstly a set of shared operations processes and workflows built on top of a unified operations and collaborations model. Secondly they require an integration with IT and security management. Most important business operations making even use of CMDB data to map threats, security incidents and vulnerabilities to business and infrastructure. Read More

Inside the Minds of Today’s Digital Leaders

digital leaders CSC Blogs
Some businesses are more globally integrated, more effective at sharing information and more likely to report better financial performance than their competitors. They’re also entirely digital across all major functions.

In a recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey of C-level executives and IT leaders around the world, these digital leaders stood out. The 7th annual survey report sponsored by CSC, “What Makes Digital Leaders: A Full C-Suite Perspective,” explores links between digital technologies and strategic success. It highlights current investments in IT and how companies plan to use digital technologies going forward. Read More

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