Smartphone Insurance Apps – How Can We Make Them Smarter?

According to a recent representative survey by CSC among 1,000 insurance customers in Germany, close to 50% of consumers would appreciate to be able to submit insurance claims via their smartphones. The results are perfectly in line with a number of similar studies from a variety of research institutes. Why am I not surprised? If you present people with a promise to make their lives easier – who would say, No, thank you, Mister? Much more flabbergasted was I to learn that only “two thirds of the customers dread the ‘red tape’ when having to submit a claim with an insurance company using traditional methods,” as CSC reports in its press release. Honestly – have you ever met anybody who did not dread the red tape associated with insurance claims? Read More

10 Steps to Survive a Data Breach (Part 2/2)

“An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.” In line with this idiom, we discussed the prevention of a data breach in last week’s article. These measures are minimum prerequisites to reduce risk exposure and allow early detection. However, recent cyber-incidents have proven that breaches can happen to anyone and accordingly the following measures will help you deal with the situation effectively. Read More

What does Efficiency Mean to Banks Worldwide?

As always with surveys, there are many numbers and graphs, but seldom do they answer the one-question clients always have: “What does it mean for me…?”.   In this recent CSC-Finextra study on Efficiency, we asked banks around the world, about what efficiency meant to them. Read More

10 Steps to Survive a Data Breach (Part 1/2)

According to a study by Ponemon, a private security research institute, average costs of data breaches in Germany increased from 3.42 to 3.5 million Euros (data for 2013/2014). The costs are the result of post-data breach work such as investigation, remediation, legal counsel, help desk activity, customer churn and identity protection. Similar numbers for other central European countries apply. Read More

Brauchen Behörden Social-Media-Manager?

Autoren: Sören Ludwig, Niels Proske

Warum Behörden Social-Media-Manager brauchen

Social Media haben einen enormen Bedeutungswandel erlebt. Schon seit einiger Zeit hat sich die Nutzung beständig in Richtung Informationsgewinnung und -austausch verschoben und professionalisiert. Zwischen den Statusupdates und Fotos von Freunden und Bekannten finden sich immer häufiger Mitteilungen von Unternehmen, aktuelle Nachrichten oder Informationen professioneller Organisationen. Facebooks so genannte “instant articles” sind nur der jüngste Ausdruck dieser Entwicklung. Artikel werden hierbei zwar von klassischen Medienhäusern bereitgestellt aber komplett von Facebook gehostet. In Deutschland haben bereits Spiegel-Online und die Bild-Zeitung ihre Beteiligung angekündigt. Social Media sind heute längst Werkzeuge zur Gewinnung von Informationen für den beruflichen und privaten Gebrauch. Organisatorischer Ausdruck der weiteren Professionalisierung von Social Media ist die Einrichtung spezialisierter Stellen und Rollen, insbesondere in Unternehmen. Read More

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