Predictive Analytics: Applying Machine Learning in Big Data Environments

Big Data applications do not only depend on exceptional technologies to efficiently store and access large amounts of data, but also require highly sophisticated analytics techniques in order to gain as much insight and added value from the available data as possible. Especially in the field of Predictive Analytics the combination of Machine Learning (ML) and computational statistics offers powerful tools to identify and describe trends and behavior patterns from the automated analysis of historical data. Many of these toolkits have been developed for scientific applications, e.g. for high-energy physics, and are very powerful in their capabilities. However, they are not directly targeted for today’s typical Big Data environments and thus no out-of-the box solution is yet available. So, the challenge lies in the integration of powerful analytic components into state-of-the-art Big Data technologies, creating a platform that is able to take advantage of sophisticated analytical techniques on large-scale data collections. Read More

How to Generate Real B2B Leads in the Social Web

Time and again we come across companies that really understand how to map their customer information requirements in a CRM.  So far so good.

However, just as often we come across companies where the sales department complains about insufficient support during the acquisition and entry of data, the sales management complains about insufficient data for controlling and cross selling and the marketing department complains about poor data quality for the next campaign. Often both groups of company are congruent. Read More

The State and Future of Cyber Extortion & IT Hijacking for Ransom

Authors: Dr. Alexander Schellong, Wolfgang Kiener

Hijacking and ransom payments. It is something associated with war zones, poor countries such as Somalia and their pirates, crime syndicates or Hollywood movies. Think again. The digital transformation brings it closer to home. Everybody needs to understand this growing Cyber threat of #ITnapping for ransom. Read More

How to Secure your MS SharePoint Environment?

Microsoft SharePoint is a collaboration suite for working on documents within the company or other groups. By using third party or own written applications, you can extend its functionality, to match your needs. The service is not limited inside of your company, you can extend your work to other people outside of your organization by sharing the content. But this will increase the way, others can attack your organization. Let’s have a look how to secure that! Read More

Right Data: Why Big Data Sometimes Just isn’t Enough

Big Data is everywhere! The sources of Big Data are manifold and are related to several popular topics: sensors in vehicles (Connected Car) or production lines (Internet of Things, IoT), mobile communication, social media, and many other areas are capable to steadily produce enormous amounts of data. The pure collection of data is not an end in itself. The underlying goal is to generate additional value from it through skillful exploration. In recent years, the ability to both store and process Big Data sets improved significantly through the ongoing technical developments, e.g. in the Hadoop ecosystem. While Business Analysts have learned to derive KPIs and additional insights from the collected data, the step to prepare predictive applications is led by members of a new job profile: Data Scientists. Their field of expertise is to analyze the data sets, determine correlations among the different entities, and finally, use these findings to build and train predictive models. These models, developed in close collaboration with the corresponding business units, allow the derivation of predictions and subsequently even the automation of decisions. Hence, the predictive analytics has the potential to change business processes and to generate added value for the customers. Read More

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