The European Refugee and Asylum Crisis As a Management Problem – Food for Thought: Managed Offsite Processing & Support Centers

The issue

Germany and many other European/EU-Schengen area states at all governmental levels are overwhelmed and strained by the continuous uncontrolled influx of refugees, asylum seekers and economic migrants from Syria, Afghanistan, Eritrea, other African countries and the Balkan states via the Mediterranean sea or Balkan route. Around 4 million Syrian’s have fled their homeland in 2014 alone while another 8 million are considered displaced. Germany’s interior minister has announced the country expects around 800,000 refugees and asylum seekers. The latter care little or know about the Dublin III convention and will ultimately find a way to travel to their preferred country within the EU such as Germany, Sweden or the UK. Moreover, individuals such as a refugee from Syria can generally only apply for asylum in person in the respective European country.

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Paths of Agile Adoption and Middle Management’s Role

Agile has definitely crossed the so called “chasm of adoption” on the life cycle adoption curve and is becoming a mainstream work practice not just in IT but as well in other areas of organisations and even sometimes in private endeavors of employees. While smaller companies and start-ups have been early adopters of agile, now medium to large IT organisations have to find a systematic approach on how to integrate agile work practices into their operations without major interruptions, since internal and external customers start to expect the level of flexibility and involvement that comes with agile. Since moving to agile work practices is a paradigm change in terms or organizing and managing work, it is not a simple and straight forward task to get it right and not cause major disruption on the ongoing operations. Read More

Similar but not the Same – Security for Industrial Control Systems vs. IT Systems

Today, industrial control systems (ICS) are at the center of monitoring and controlling industrial processes and operations such as production and delivery in the manufacturing sector, distribution of energy, water treatment, or managing railway transportation. Read More

Cybersecurity vs. Data Protection

When it comes to protection of data, the terms Cybersecurity and data protection – are used synonymously. Both strive to protect data from being misused, lost, changed, exfiltrated or published without proper authorization and control mechanisms. However, there is one major difference. Read More

Beyond the Comfort Zone – The Digital CIO

I recently came across an article in the British CIO Magazine, titled ‘Beyond the Comfort Zone’ and describing an IDG survey among CIOs. Only two out of ten respondents felt fit to fulfil the role of a ‘digital CIO’. Wait, I thought, a CIO is a Head of IT – and isn’t IT by definition digital? No. According to the article, a ‘digital CIO’ is one who can help digitalise the entire business, not just hardware, software and network. Anyhow, the results seemed devastating: to date, only 16% regard themselves as ‘innovation partners’ within their company. No more than 44% think it is an important part of their job to create technical teams that understand the business. 48% consider developing a long term strategy as significant. And just 51% rate knowledge of their business as relevant. Read More

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