Key Security Issues That Need to be Addressed at the 52nd Munich Security Conference and Beyond

In light of the 52nd Munich Security Conference this weekend, lets recap some of the key issues that policy makers and business leaders need to address in 2016 and upcoming years: Read More

Population Health Management: Integrating eHealth-Technologies, Health Management and Health Economy

Many eHealth initiatives are pretty much known in the German healthcare system as well as in further European countries. The different scopes range from video-consultation for seriously ill COPD patients, tele-radiology to the electronic health card or certain regional health-supply systems (e.g. “UGOM” in Bavaria, Germany) – some of them already proven in daily practice. Read More

Managing the Complexity of Digital Transformations – Or How Multi-Speed IT Affects the IT Organization and Enterprise Architecture

Authors: Marc Lankhorst (Bizzdesign) and Danny Weinberger (CSC)

Looking back to many discussions about Digital Strategy with different organizations, most of them have the challenge of going through a balancing act day by day. Firstly, a Digital Oriented Organization needs to accept that the roles and responsibilities of Business and IT will merge with each other, whilst both parties need to enable business and IT innovations towards digital business needs. Simultaneously, they need to set up an agile approach across the whole organization for developing and managing innovative digital business models, dealing with new business moments, and realizing the associated technology and services. Finally, cost control for IT and its services also remains high on the agenda of the organization. Read More

Journey to the Digital Enterprise

By Dan Hushon, Chief Technology Officer, CSC

Over the past year, we have all seen signs that “Digital” is moving past the consumer-focused start-up, and past the CMO and their digital-social agendas, into a much broader enterprise strategy discussion. Many digital strategies center around bringing information into “for purpose” integrations (often visualized), and into decision/recommendation environments. By expanding the information, the analytics and new consumerized apps, mass-customized (and context-aware) experiences are becoming the norm.

The Digital Enterprise has the potential to produce a wave of financial productivity that might dwarf the first digital wave in the mid-90s, when paper moved to email. What do I mean? Read More

Turns out this Big Data Analytics Stuff Works

Nearly three-quarters of enterprises that report having big data projects say their analytics projects are paying off, a new CompTIA survey shows. The non-profit IT certification and education organization’s “Big Data Insights and Opportunities” report shows that slightly more than half of respondents (51%) say their enterprises have launched a big data initiative.

Read More

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