Is the Economy Ill-prepared for the Digital Workplace of the Future?

Most employees of companies based in Germany, Austria and Switzerland give their bosses bad marks as far as the preparation for the digital workplace of the future. This is one result of a recent research report entitled “Workplace of the Future”.

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Asked for the biggest technology pitfalls in the workplace currently, approximately 60 percent of employees express concerns about insufficient remote access to data and 62 percent criticize the response times of information technology (IT) incident management services. Additionally, 58 percent deem their company’s IT platforms too inflexible to integrate new requirements, such as those of the digital business world.

Respondents cite mobile IT applications especially problematic. Almost every second employee traveling on business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland rates the IT equipment of his/her company merely satisfactory or worse and when traveling abroad, it is nearly 60 percent. Moreover, the majority of German, Austrian and Swiss employees are convinced that mobility, including remote work locations, will gain importance in tomorrow’s digital world of business where a close collaboration with clients, suppliers and providers is inevitable.

The transformation to the digital world already leaves some marks today with the transition to flexible working hours and the increased usage of home offices that is going on in many corporations. According to the study, however, the technical connection of current home offices still leaves much to be desired; approximately 40 of respondents consider the IT workplace satisfactory or worse, including ten percent that consider it a total failure.

Special attention should also be directed to the integration of different devices such as smartphones or tablets into the workplace. Many employees are currently dissatisfied with the use of company-owned off-the-shelf devices; 36 percent complain about shortcomings in the use of private equipment (“Bring Your Own Device”).

It is especially notable that almost 80 percent of employees consider a modern digital IT workplace an important feature of a business that wants to be an attractive employer. Employees experience and views on IT support provides valuable guidance for companies when designing the workplace of the future. The ongoing and rapid modernization of workplaces not only secures future market share, but is also a flagship for the employer in a world where the battle for talents has just begun.

Klaus Wieland

Klaus Wieland is Head of Sales Solutions at CSC in Central and Eastern Europe where he leads a team of Solution Executives. During the pursuit process these Solution Executives are responsible to create the right solution to address the client’s issues and requirements – from a business as well as technical perspective. Klaus has spent more than 13 years in Sales and Solutioning roles working on large outsourcing projects.

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