How Healthcare Convergence Is Changing the Role of Pharma

Changing market dynamics and demands for a more progressive approach to manage healthcare challenges are leading to convergence in healthcare. I spoke about this trend in my last blog and how it’s resulting not only in global healthcare systems becoming more and more alike, but also in convergence across a broad range of healthcare organizations.

Population Health Management: Integrating eHealth-Technologies, Health Management and Health Economy

Many eHealth initiatives are pretty much known in the German healthcare system as well as in further European countries. The different scopes range from video-consultation for seriously ill COPD patients, tele-radiology to the electronic health card or certain regional health-supply systems (e.g. “UGOM” in Bavaria, Germany) – some of them already proven in daily practice.

Finding Commonality: Converging Healthcare Organizations Need to Focus on Patient-Centric Care

There’s a lot of discussion about the impact of chronic diseases, aging populations and rising healthcare costs in every market and region, but it’s worth taking a step back in order to understand how these developments are impacting the wider healthcare environment at a global level.

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