Similar but not the Same – Security for Industrial Control Systems vs. IT Systems

Today, industrial control systems (ICS) are at the center of monitoring and controlling industrial processes and operations such as production and delivery in the manufacturing sector, distribution of energy, water treatment, or managing railway transportation.

Cybersecurity vs. Data Protection

When it comes to protection of data, the terms Cybersecurity and data protection – are used synonymously. Both strive to protect data from being misused, lost, changed, exfiltrated or published without proper authorization and control mechanisms. However, there is one major difference.

Open Source IAM Solutions – A Promising Trend

Open source software is nowadays widely used in enterprises of all sizes for a diversity of tasks including those critical for business. This has been found by multiple studies (e.g. Heise (German) and Gartner (English)). But is such software suitable for your security needs?

No Chance for Stuxnet & Company: Ways to Ensure Secure and Reliable Energy Supply

In 2009, a nuclear facility at Natanz in Iran became the location of an event that had never happened before: a highly complex and clever worm overcame several security barriers and sabotaged the functioning of the technical equipment necessary to enrich uranium, postponing the country’s nuclear program. This worm you may still remember, as Stuxnet gained access to control systems through connected computers, causing far-reaching political consequences as the world’s first cyber weapon attack. Is such an attack also possible in the D.A.CH. region, endangering…

SIEM in Real-Time: Really Necessary?

Imagine you had a burglar alarm for your IT infrastructure: a tool that raises your awareness of any anomaly detected in your cyber-environment. This is what a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management; pronounced SIM, with a silent e) tool does. The basic inputs are log-files, generated by your system’s components. Those are analyzed against a standard set of rules defining the normal state of your network. Once you are facing the decision to install such a system, a product description that it is working…

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