The Key Enabler of Cloud Computing is Security

Authors: Otto-Sven Gliesche, Dr. Wolf Zimmer, Peter Rehäußer Cloud service providers entered the market with high scalability and functionality at low costs, but not many of them are aware of the increasing need for providing security and customer privacy. But, without any doubt the top concern of users wiling to enter the cloud, is security, last but not at least actually encouraged by the published exposures of espionage and information disclosure.

Geodata across Europe with INSPIRE, but Security still remains homework

Authors: Peter Rehäußer, Dr. Christian Kiehle, Yathursan Theva Geodata is information with a spatial reference. For the majority of the authorities they serve today as base information for different activities, and are therefore important component of efficient and citizen-oriented eGovernment. With the INSPIRE Directive – INfrastructure for SPatial InfoRmation in Europe (INSPIRE) – the European Union aims to facilitate the cross-border use of spatial information in Europe.

Offene Architektur als Fundament für Open Government

Die Ideen und Vorschläge von Open Government liegen bereits einige Jahre auf dem Tisch. Mittlerweile ist auch die logische Konsequenz verstanden, dass in einer Gesellschaft, deren Mitglieder sich ganz selbstverständlich in allen Bereichen des Alltags vernetzen, auch deren Administration, die öffentliche Verwaltung, gezwungen ist, sich einer Vernetzung nach innen und nicht zuletzt nach außen zu öffnen.

Open-as-Strategy Part II: The Three Dimensions of Open Value Creation

As executives and senior government officials that want to unlock the value from next generation technologies, we will need to address the following three questions: How can we employ openness strategically? How can we organize and manage collaborative communities that combine their knowledge? What are the appropriate platforms for our specific collaboration needs?

Open-as-Strategy Part I: Emergence and Outsourcing

Open innovation, enterprise 2.0, social media for the corporation, and open government have become a major driving force in creating value. Apple, Facebook, Google, and Samsung have created multi-billion revenue streams by strategically utilizing openness: in the Apple appstore, the Android operating system, or the Facebook user experience. But even though targeted “openness” has become a major ingredient of the net worth in next generation technology companies, it has yet to be mainstreamed into the processes and cultures of more classical organizations.

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