Application Performance and The Modern World

In the deepest darkest recesses of Information Technology history (few might even go so far as to call it the “digital dark ages”), people believed that once an application was delivered into production, that was basically the end of the conversation and the job was finished. No more questions asked. Read More

“Eine moderne Verwaltung muss zur digitalen Lebenswelt der Bürgerinnen und Bürger passen”

Dr. Alfred Zapp im Interview mit 21st Century IT zum neuen eGovernment Monitor 2014:

21th Century IT: Herr Dr. Zapp, Sie sind Vizepräsident der Initiative D21 und haben die Veröffentlichung der neuesten Studie „eGovernment Monitor 2014“ mit begleitet. Die Studie behandelt Nutzung und Akzeptanz von digitaler Verwaltung im internationalen Vergleich. Sie beschäftigen sich nun schon seit einigen Jahren mit der Verwaltungsmodernisierung. Welche Neuigkeiten zum Thema eGovernment gibt es auf politischer Ebene?

Dr. Alfred Zapp: Mitte September hat das Bundeskabinett das Programm “Digitale Verwaltung 2020″ sowie den „Aktionsplan zur Umsetzung der Open-Data-Charta der G8“ beschlossen – zwei aus unserer Sicht entscheidende Bausteine zur Umsetzung des Handlungsfeldes 3: Innovativer Staat der Digitalen Agenda. Read More

“3H” – Hana & Hadoop Hybrid – combining the best of two worlds with the help of a trusted thought leader

Co-Author: Uwe Wannemacher

Big Data promises to bring the understanding of an enterprise’s performance to a completely new level  - in terms of completeness as well as speed, i.e. all internal and external ‘information at your fingertips’. In other words, Big Data provides a 360 degree view of your company which is up-to-date and immediately available and allows building predictive models based on the available data. Read More

Online Shops are Not Talking to their Customers

Co-Author: Hans Agnischock

The majority of leading German web retailers need to improve their customer engagement experience, including implementing better ways to allow shoppers to ask and gain answers to questions while online. We conducted these insights in our “E-Commerce Analysis 2014”.

Read More

Smart Car – The Car of the Future

The majority of German motorists want next-generation information technology in cars to be easier to learn and use, and safer to operate while driving. This reveals a research report from CSC entitled “Smart Car – The Car of the Future”. Read More

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