Value-Driven Application Portfolio Management

Authors: Marc Lankhorst (Bizzdesign) and Danny Weinberger (CSC)


Many organizations with large legacy application landscapes can no longer postpone a major overhaul of their IT. But how do you avoid creating tomorrow’s legacy today all over again? And how do you spend your IT dollars/euros in the most sensible way? Next to appropriate design and development practices (e.g. enterprise architecture, agile and DevOps, as we addressed in our previous blog) you need to manage your application portfolio as a whole, to decide where it is most important to invest.

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The Value of Data in Big Data Architectures

A new “V” for Big Data

Big Data, an enabler for many next-generation use cases is defined with the 3 “V” s “Volume, Variety and Velocity” in the literature. These characteristics describe a new set of requirements for which every company has to develop a strategy. Read More

Why Digitalization Needs Application Modernization

Authors: Stefan Pauly and Gerhard Kaucky

Looking at the current hype around Digitalization we recognize the positions and arguments of two groups: One group is Sales and Marketing, CEOs and CMOs who reflect about the business value of Digitalization, about new sales and service channels, digitalized products, and – in general – renewed business processes. Read More

No Chance for Stuxnet & Company: Ways to Ensure Secure and Reliable Energy Supply

In 2009, a nuclear facility at Natanz in Iran became the location of an event that had never happened before: a highly complex and clever worm overcame several security barriers and sabotaged the functioning of the technical equipment necessary to enrich uranium, postponing the country’s nuclear program. This worm you may still remember, as Stuxnet gained access to control systems through connected computers, causing far-reaching political consequences as the world’s first cyber weapon attack. Is such an attack also possible in the D.A.CH. region, endangering our energy supply? Read More

Real World Digital Transformation

Too many still think and act as Digital Transformation topics like IoT, Industry40 etc. are a pure technical topic.

Fail !

The value resides in the intelligent combination of business & IT – well, that should be a no-brainer, but are we as IT companies, Service Providers, Consultants etc really acting on this? Read More

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